Manang Apple Wine isn't just a brand; it's a story.
We combine the rich tradition of apple farming in Nepal with the legacy of fine winemaking.

About us

The craftspeople

Chuck Ghale enjoying a toast of manang wine

Chuck Ghale

A closeup picture of Yuvraj Gurung, cofounder of manang beverage

Yuvraj Gurung

Ashraya Ranjitkar- Winemaker of Manang beverage

Ashraya Ranjitkar

Closeup picture of Samraj Gurung director of manang beverage

Samraj Gurung

PB gurung manangwine

PB Gurung


KC Gurung

Founders journey

Manang Apple Wine is a story of family legacy and shared passion. The Agro family, third-generation apple farmers, built a thriving orchard in Bhratang Manang. Their love for the land inspired a winemaking scion, inheriting a tradition of crafting exceptional wines. Finally, a modern artisan, drawn by a love for Nepal, brought his expertise in brewing and winemaking. Together, they created a boutique winery in this remote paradise.

Manang in a glass of wine

The first founder Agro Family immersed in the family’s commitment to apple farming, transformed traditional orchards into a thriving commercial venture, with 80,000 trees stretching across 40 hectares.

The second founder brought forth the winemaking legacy, a story that began with the inaugural Hinwa winery. Each bottle from the family’s cellars carried with it the essence of tradition, innovation, and the passion to create something timeless.

Meanwhile, the third founder, hailing from a modest background, left a life of luxury in pursuit of a dream. From Dallas, Texas, to the humble abode of Manang, he brought the art of craft brewing and winemaking, embracing vulnerability for the love of crafting the finest wines Nepal had ever seen.