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We Brew Limited Edition Wine With A History

In the heart of Manang, where apple orchards whisper stories of tradition, young visionaries came together. A third-generation apple farmer, a winemaking legacy, and a passionate craftsman united by a dream. This is the story of Manang Valley Boutique Winery, where every drop is a testament to heritage, sacrifice, and the pursuit of excellence.

The Story of third generation farmer, winemaker and beverage geek…… 

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The Taste That Makes You Feel Awesome​

A family rooted in apple farming, a winemaking legacy, and a modern-day artisan. They didn’t just inherit a craft; they inherited dreams. From the vast apple orchards of Bhratang Manang to the delicate artistry of winemaking, their paths converged to create something extraordinary.

Nature Inspired


In the valleys of Manang, where every sip tells a story, the winemaking legacy continued. From the first winery, Hinwa, to the subsequent endeavors, a thirds generation wine maker , each bottle carried with it the essence of tradition, innovation, and the passion to create something timeless.

Selected Fresh Apples

At Manang Valley Boutique Winery, every bottle of our exquisite wines begins with the meticulous selection of premium apples from our orchards.

Farm To Bottle

We pride ourselves on our ‘farm to bottle’ approach, ensuring that every step of the winemaking process is carefully overseen, from the orchards to your glass.

Legacy Of Love

Our legacy of love is woven into every bottle, a testament to our enduring commitment to quality and tradition.

Transparent image of manang wine semi-sweet wine
Transparent image of manang wine semi-sweet wine

Excellent Quality Control

At Manang Valley Boutique Winery, excellent quality control ensures that each bottle of our wine meets the highest standards of taste and craftsmanship.

Passionate Winemakers

At Manang Valley Boutique Winery, our wines are crafted by passionate winemakers dedicated to perfection.

Taste Of Nepal

Our wines capture the essence of Nepal, offering a taste of the country’s rich heritage and natural beauty in every glass.